Safety Trailer-Trucks (STT)

KUCHING: Logistics company Hexagon Highs Transport Sdn Bhd is the first in Malaysia to use Prototype Safety Trailer-Trucks (STT) in their operations.

Managing director William Liang said the initiative seeks to show the company’s commitment and responsibility towards its drivers and other road users.

“This safety truck concept was originally mooted a year ago because trailer-trucks are getting bigger and longer to cater to the outpacing logistics demand. Transport safety is a critical KPl (key performance indicator) in logistics management, especially for Sarawak and Sabah where the trunk road is a single-carriage dual-lane road,” he said when revealing a truck at the Demak Laut Industrial Park branch office here yesterday.

Hexagon High has developed its STT prototype with the In-Cab Camera Streaming Projection (ICCSP) module system, which includes an in-cab camera mounted on the trailer-truck dashboard to record the road ahead, which is then projected to a large monitor (measuring four feet by seven feet) display panel mounted at the back of the trailer-truck.

The real-time streaming projection will thus allow drivers behind to have a better view of what is ahead of the long trailer-truck in order to make sound decisions on whether or not to overtake.

“This innovation helps in road safety apart from helping promote public awareness especially when overtaking or during emergency manoeuvres to avoid stray animal(s) or dangerous road hazards ahead.

“With this ICCSP-truck, drivers, driving behind, are empowered with faster response time to avoid emergency situation(s) such as sudden braking, animal crossing, or accidents just about to happen or happening ahead. It will surely make our roads a lot safer and fun to travel on,” said Liang.

Hexagon Highs was established in 2006 to provide logistics services, specialising in freight forwarding, customs clearance, shipping, transportation, warehousing, and distribution throughout Sarawak, Sabah, Labuan, and Brunei.

It evolved into a full fledge commercial logistics company in 2010 servicing customers worldwide with shipments from the rest of the world to Malaysia and vice versa.